When in Doubt, Bring Flowers

Cast: date: 'October 3, 2012'
place: Soho
participants: 'Griffin, Huruma, Yuki'
synopsis: 'Huruma meets with Griffin for a lunch date. Yuki stumbles on the meeting by chance. Huruma gets flowers from Griffin, and Yuki gets words of advice from them both.'
log: "It is that stretch of time between the lunch hour, and the time that people seem to actually get out of work; the crowds of restaurants are gone away, while those who may be meeting for it are just getting in after those crowds. The overcast sky is enough to make most people not used to it, want to stay inside. Huruma included. Where's the sun supposed to be? She has a hard time doing without the warming rays. Still, she promised she'd be out here, waiting to meet someone. \n\nTaking her time to do so, however. She walks along a street full of little niche shops, and here and there a cafe or eatery. One of the more tame Soho streets, it appears- if one discounts the interesting leather shop she can see down at the end of the lane. With a cream shirt tucked into dark pants, the most extravagant thing about her is the antigue gold bib necklace she wears, parts of it chainmaille links, with draping thin chains, and tiny crystals dotting a simple design over it. It gives the impression of something greater, at least for her own sake.\n\nFlowers.\n\nAre flowers too much for what may or may not be a date? It's nothing extravagant, really, just a half dozen red and white roses held together with a red ribbon, dethorned so as to prevent discomfort when holding said bouquet. It's a kind gesture, whichever outcome happens with this meeting. Date or discussion, flowers are nice. Or, so goes the logic running through Griffin Tully's head. It certainly can't hurt.\n\nHe's chosen a nice yet downplayed cafe to meet up with the woman who is able to look down at him, if only a little. Good food in a comfortable, quiet environment. And he's early, leaning against the side of the building and fiddling with his phone. May as well check the news while he waits. A pair of dress slacks, a dress shirt, and a vest adorn the lean man's form, complete with a dark red tie that's tucked within said vest. His hat, a fedora, nicely keeps the rain from his face. Underplayed yet fashionable. He may be a war veteran with a touch of PTSD and other problems, but at least he can be stylish.\n\nJust because you're homeless doesn't mean you have to fit the dirty and dingy look. Yuki certainly seems to avoid it, squeaky-clean as she wanders out from one of the nearby shops. Of course, had she not been soaking wet on leaving one could mistake it for being from the rain. But her white t-shirt is already clinging to her figure when she steps out the door and onto the street, hair plastered down against her face, and looking quite soaked to the bone. Like someone just stepping out from a bath or shower. Even her jeans are hugging her a bit tight, save for an odd lump in one of the pockets.\n\nShe's set and ready to ignore the man with the flowers, walking right past him as she pulls out the lump from her pockets, something wrapped in paper. A half-eaten sandwich, it seems. Not one of the usual places to put one of those. And eating it out in the rain where the bread will soak through is perhaps less than ideal.\n\nIf she is wearing heels, even moreso. And today, she is, if just short ones. Huruma keeps under awnings when she needs to, avoiding any drizzle that may choose to pop up during her walk. It is less the London damp that bothers her so much as the lack of clear sky. As the dark woman gets closer to the meeting point, it is hard not to notice that the man she is meeting is outside, waiting for her. The vest catches her eye, then his hands- a phone in one, flowers in the other. While not startling enough to cause her to stop, it certainly puts a new line to the side of her mouth, which disappears before she actually reaches him.\n\nHuruma says nothing as she coasts to a halt into view, hard to miss, herself, watching Griffin and his surroundings- including Yuki, chewing on a sandwich nearby- with a mixture of quiet calm and idle curiosity.\n\nHe can't quite help but notice the woman walking past him, green eyes raising from his phone to follow the girl as she pulls out the half eaten sandwich. His brows raise slightly, pocketing the phone as if coming back to the real world from his world of boring things like news and the occasional social media site. After a moment, he cants his head toward the girl. \"Don't eat that.\" He reaches into his pockets, pulling out a fifty pound note and offering it forth to the woman. \"You should get yourself something nice to eat. And a jacket, you must be freezing.\"\n\nAt that moment, Huruma makes herself known, and he turns to peer at the tall woman. With a faintly sheepish grin on his face, he offers her the flowers. It's somewhat comical, really, the lanky man holding money out to Yuki, and flowers out to Huruma. Possibly incriminating, if anyone cared enough.\n\nYuki looks back at the man as he admonishes her opportunistic dietary intake, eyeing him as she chews and swallows the bite she's already took, \"An' w'y not? It's still fresh an' clean,\" she argues, figuring the source obvious, not realizing just how right she is or why it may be. Watching the man look away, she turns her gaze to see Huruma as well, smiling at her, a warm smile for the rain, before looking back at Griffin, \"Sorry, but…\" she shakes her head, waving him off with one hand, \"I don' like takin' nice things like that. I can get by…an' I like the cold,\" she says, though not stating, or thinking, how she feels about her clothing hugging her figure so tightly. Almost too tightly, as certain parts of her shirt do not seem to move naturally, sticking to her skin and almost seeming frozen.\n\n\nHuruma is as interested in his charity as she is the flowers, when he offers them; being, she treats the event as if it were fragile. Too much charity is not her thing, but she finds his gesture comforting. The flowers are a polite little touch, yet they seem to set her on edge. She masks all of this with a smooth quirk of her mouth into a small smile, reaching up to take the bouquet in her fingers when he offers it. \n\n\"You should know, I'm not usually… this kind of woman.\" Such a response comes off as a bit of a mask, itself, though remaining courteous. It is clear she doesn't mean to offend him, even if she is unsure how to appreciate the gesture itself. Yuki's smile to her is met with a vaguely appraising look before her pale eyes go back to Griffin. \"An'here I thought this was only lunch.\"\n\nA faint smile forms on Griffin's face. \"I was taught to bring flowers when in doubt.\" He nods toward Huruma, chuckling. \"If it makes you feel any better, I was probably going to bombard you with questions about life, the universe and everything, regardless of your response to the roses. I do hope you don't mind.\"\n\nHis gaze then slips back over to Yuki, the smile not quite wearing off yet. \"You don't quite understand. I have this, sitting in my pocket, and it's not doing me much good when I have a perfectly functional bank card in my wallet. This has been in my pocket for at least a month. Obviously, I don't need it.\" He pushes it toward Yuki. \"So I am giving it to you, in the hopes that you will give this poor fifty pound note a better home than I can.\" He smiles again, his eyes crinkling in the corners. \"Get some ice cream if you like.\" He jerks a hand toward the building he was previously leaning against. \"This cafe has a delicious frozen gelato, and some good cold gazpacho.\"\n\nYuki pays silent enough attention to Griffin and Huruma as they talk, chewing another bite of the sandwich Griffin has already admonished her for eating to begin with. She swallows, and interjects, \"The answer 's forty-two…it's always forty-two,\" she tells Huruma. Quite the cheat sheet, apparently she has read the books, or at least read of them.\n\nWhen Griffin addresses her again, she looks at the fifty pound note, barely giving any motion to tell her thoughts one way or another on it, before shaking her head, \"Don' worry 'bout it. There are people that need it more than me. See? I'm clean, an' I 'ave food…\" she says, smiling and waving a hand in protest, \"I'd rather do somethin' t' earn it, at least. But I'm no good with jobs…\"\n\n\"I hope you do not think I know all of th'answers.\" Huruma lifts her eyebrows, at the same time as she lifts the tips of the flowers up to her nose. Not bad. She watches Yuki over the top edges of the bouquet, seeming for all the world like all she needs is a bowl of cream. Maybe that's accurate, you can never tell. She doesn't pick up on the reference, either. The girl is given a puzzled bend of brow. \n\n\"Don'go around saying that t'strange men, you will get someone who gets th'wrong message.\" If you get her drift.\n\nGriffin's hand remains extended, the fifty dollar note offered toward Yuki. He's stubborn when he wants to be, and right now he wants to be stubborn. \"You can smile and say thank you, and that paired with the Douglas Adams reference will be enough. If you don't take it, it will probably end up on the ground. I'd rather you get it than someone who might not need it, or someone who is not nearly as honest as you.\" He doesn't let that generous smile leave his features as he speaks.\n\nHuruma's remark prompts a nod from the man. \"Indeed, some men are not quite so honest and much more lecherous. It would be wise to avoid saying such things, unless you wish to have an offer that is less than savory.\" A shrug rolls over his shoulders, as he lifts a hand to adjust his hat.\n\n\"Most blokes aren't so keen on me…all it takes is th' cold shoulder,\" Yuki answers, reaching out as if she's going to take the money, but she reaches just past it, not to the open end but to where it's being held. She places her hand on Griffin's, her touch cold as ice. Literally so, as when she moves her hand back, some of the rainwater has frozen between Griffin's hand and the money, \"I do think I'll try some of that ice cream, though,\" she suggests with a giggle, at least doing as much as he asked in not eating more of the sandwich as she starts wrapping it back up.\n\nLooking back at Huruma, she nods her head in a friendly manner, \"Seems you've got yourself a nice gent, don' let 'im go too easy,\" she suggests, starting to walk past them and towards the building Griffin had been leaning on earlier, as if any everyday person should just accept that someone can suddenly freeze things with a touch. Move along, nothing to see here, and all that.\n\n\"Much more?\" Huruma offers up, in her dark, low voice, soft and playful enough in its implications. She turns her eye to Yuki's hand as it touches Griffin's fingers, seeing enough to make things that much more clear. \"Firstly, he is not 'my gent'…\" \n\n\"Secondly —\" Huruma shifts on one heel to turn after the girl as she tries to skirt past. Her hand reaches out to take her by the edge of the shirt, in an attempt to pull her to attention. The dark woman literally towers over the young woman, eyes lidded so that when she looks down, they seem like slivers of moon from below. She makes an active effort to see Yuki's touched self in the process, mouth creasing into a deep frown. \n\n\"You must not be foolish with such a thing.\"\n\nGriffin stiffens slightly as Yuki touches his hand, turning his gaze down toward the frozen rainwater. Huh. That's…interesting. He blinks a few times at the money, before his eyes go slightly out of focus. His posture becomes even more rigid as he stares at Yuki, a brief glance cast toward Huruma and back to the girl. Then, the man promptly offers a shrug and a few glances about. And suddenly, the note flutters out of his hand as if caught in the wind. It neatly folds itself in half, and…somehow manages to place itself securely within Yuki's pocket. She may or may not notice, but if we're showing off here…\n\nThen, Huruma speaks, and Griffin gets those nearly-invisible tentacle things put away really quickly. Hopefully that wasn't foolish, but he'll take any chiding he deserves. \"I'd listen to her. You have to be careful how you do those things.\" His voice is gentle, hands tucking into his pockets now that they are both free. \"You could seriously hurt someone who may not deserve it…or you could run into someone who can do far worse.\" He's not sounding threatening, just offering a concerned warning.\n\nThe look on Yuki's face when Huruma grabs her is almost…amused, actually. There just doesn't seem to be any losing that cheerful little demeanor she's showing, \"If 'e's not your gent, then that's my mistake…but things 'ave usually gone that far by th' time flowers are involved,\" she points out. She tries to back away, but really can't, not while Huruma is holding her so. The best she manages is a half-step as the icy-cold shirt is pulled away from her skin. She gives up after a second, looking back at Griffin, an eyebrow raised.\n\n\"Watch the 'ands…I don't know you well enough to be playin' grab-arse,\" she suggests, \"An' anyways…I keep on th' move. I'm not lettin' anythin' bad 'appen to me…not again…\" she says, trailing off as her smile finally does fade a little, before she goes from moving back to moving down, pulling her head and arms into the shirt and sliding out from inside it. At least she is wearing proper undergarments, or it would be a show. Well, insofar as it isn't already considering the cold, \"Now, if you don' mind…I'm still hungry!\"\n\nTrue to what form Griffin knows from her, Huruma takes a second to give him a bit of a look before she is back to Yuki. With her twisting out of the shirt, though, Huruma scoffs her displeasure with the attitude before tossing it back at her hands. Pointed canines snip shut in a moment of anger, seeping back into the flat line of human in the second following. \n\n\"Someone who can do worse. Or something, rather. If one spirit sees foolishness, another will see weakness. I only warn you t'be more cautious. You are not infallible.\" Huruma lifts her now free hand in a dismissive sort of gesture. She's brushing her hands of this one, at least for now.\n\nGriffin watches Huruma thoughtfully. Seems he's getting used to her interesting appearance. More than anything, he seems fascinated. The accusation prompts him to raise his eyebrows, before shaking his head with a hint of an amused smirk. \"I didn't touch you. You must be imagining things.\" He shrugs quietly, eyes hooding at the girl. \"In any case, you are sadly much too young for my tastes. Beautiful, yes, but I am too old for youth. Just be careful how you use that thing.\"\n\nHe finally turns back to Huruma, and offers a faint smile. \"Would you like to go and enjoy our lunch? I know of a much better place, and I am feeling extremely generous today.\" His arm is offered out to the tall woman.\n\nAs soon as Huruma has let go of her shirt, Yuki grabs it back up, giving it a quick wringing-out before pulling it back on. Though she doesn't seem to show much care for modesty in how quickly she lost it, she does seem aware that walking around topless isn't going to garner any good attention. Perhaps getting the woman to drop her shirt was the plan in the first place. \"It's not like I'm goin' around turnin' people t' ice or anything, but w'en I'm cornered an' jus' tryin' to eat…\" she throws the blame back their way for her own actions, as if justifying them.\n\nRather than finish that line of thought, though, she perks right back up, smiling as warmly as someone can with the freezing rain pouring down on their heads. She raises a hand giving a friendly wave, \"You two enjoy your date! I'm goin' t' see w'at's in one of these shops with th' big flashin' kiss signs,\" she declares. She turns away from them and, with all the innocence one can muster before it's shattered to pieces, she starts off to a somewhat seedier part of the neighborhood.\n\nThe cold, light rain is why Huruma has largely stayed under this awning so far. Blech. She watches Yuki turn off with a mildly disconcerted pull to her mouth, looking back at Griffin- and his arm- ready to expound on Yuki's sensibilities about to be kicked to crumbs. It hesitates in coming, and instead, Huruma seems to be treating a chivalrous gesture with suspicion. Still, she finds no offense in it. It has simply been too long since it last happened, for her to be used to it again. \n\n\"If we run into another youngling, we are cutting this short. I am not sure if that counted as an …omen.\" No specific kind, just- an omen. Huruma's hand lifts to take his arm by the elbow, refraining from giving him the whole forelimb. There is a polite acceptance, and a genuine kind as well; this is the former. \"Lead th'way.\""

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