Cast: date: 'Sepember 7, 2012'
place: 'Murdoch''s Pawn Shop'
participants: 'Teresa, Vasya'
synopsis: 'A client to Murdoch''s just before closing provokes questions on top of a purchase. '
log: "Closing time, or getting damn close. Close enough that Teresa is starting the process of closing up shop while her parents have the night off. The jewelry cases have already been locked up, lights turned off and Teresa is in the process of sorting through the reciepts for the stuff that was brought in to be pawned today, making sure that the numbers add up, as well as the items behind the counter. Outside, the sun has set and her motorcycle waits in it's parking spot in front of the store for when the jeans and button down shirt wearing blonde can just hop on and head home. \n\nBut that isn't yet.\n\nWhile Teresa finishes the last few work-related tasks of her evening, others are making the nightly pilgrimage to their place of employment. It isn't uncommon for customers to stop by a few minutes before the shop closes, if only because they're catching up on sleep during its regular operating hours. \n\nOne such man has his hands tucked into the pockets of his slacks as he examines the contents of a darkened jewlery case. His coat - a heavy gray thing made of dense, winter-ready wool - hangs off his shoulders and has a texture that's rough in comparison to the rumpled cotton dress shirt he wears beneath it. \n\nTeresa doesn't remember hearing the door open, which is unusual, but not unexplainable. She is, after all, absorbed in her work with the receipts.\n\nIt's out of the corner of her eye that she catches the fact that there's someone there and looks up. There's an impression of hurt ego but it's quickly fading as fast as it came. She prides herself on greeting customers as they're coming in the door and she missed him. \n\n\"Evening. Welcome to Murdoch's. If you need any help with anything, my name is Teresa\" She's leaning over to flick the switch that belongs to the case lights, and the jewelry is easily seen now.\n\nAn almost imperceptible flinch tightens the man's face and straightens his posture, which was already fairly rigid to begin with on account of his height. He's tall, but not without a good cut of muscle on his lithe frame. \"Teresa,\" he repeats, maybe just to see how the name fits in his mouth. He holds a large hand out across the case. \"I want to thank you for that drink.\"\n\nIt takes her a moment - She did have quite a bit that night to drink - to remember what it is that the man is talking about and it's with a modicum of hesitation that she's offering her hand out to him. \"You're welcome\" She offers back to him. \"I'm sorry that you couldn't thank me that night\"\n\n\"It's good that you have friends who will look out for you,\" the man says, taking Teresa's hand in his, and he probably isn't referring to Arielle. He rubs his thumb along the edge of her palm, his touch neither cool nor warm, but something uncomfortably inbetween instead.\n\n\"they are… not my friends\" A small confession. \"Just uh… overzealous individuals who didn't like you being near me.\" She points out, squeezing his hand in politeness, then tries to gently and politely extract her hand. \"But I can guess why. There's something\" She gestures with her other hand, forefinger circling around his general body. \"Do I get your name at least and maybe why they might not have thought you have… positive inclinations towards my wellbeing?\" There's a glance toward the security camera's that populate the place then back to her visitor.\n\nThe stranger, who is not so much a stranger anymore, releases Teresa's hand at the first sign of tension. \"Overzealous - this is a kind word,\" he says around a thin, humourless smile, \"from a kind girl.\" Her glance in the general vicinity of the cameras doesn't go unnoticed; chances are he already knows where in the shop they're situated, which would explain why his eyes - an impossible colour to discern in the shop's strange half-light - don't automatically follow the direction of her gaze. \n\n\"Call me Vasya.\" His hand retreats to his side. \"I have no inclinations at this time.\"\n\n\"Vasya\" She repeats back, making sure that she has the right of it. \"Well, I'm sure they'll be relieved. At least until you do have inclinations. But that leaves you here, in the shop\" She points out with a soft laugh. \"Did you come to claim another drink or were you interested in something else here?\" There's a gesture to the counter and the gold, silver even a few platinum pieces of varying ages in the case, then out to the rest of the shop with it's pickings of things that people have parted with or that she and her family had found.\n\n\"Tempting,\" says Vasya. Another drink, he means. His eyes hood in a guarded but clearly amused expression - it has taken him some courage to show his face here, with Teresa's overzealous not-friends watching her as closely as they have been. \"Show me a ring for a man.\"\n\nSomewhere, there is likely a watch member scrambling to send off something to the others, about Vasya's presence. For now though, she's sliding a key from under the counter into the lock behind the cabinet so she can pull out a few. There's a pause to look at him - not that kind of look - and then pull out some classic rings, some with stones, others with just designs on them. Black jewels, red jewels, even one with a modest diamond that is held by sheer pressure of the band. \"They're real, all of them. You can take them to a jeweler to size them if they don't fit. If none of these suit I can pull more. If you want to know the history of them, I can try and remember\"\n\nVasya shies away from the rings with gemstones in them and gravitates toward a thick platinum band with a scummy, antiquated look that can probably be solved with a quick vinegar bath. He picks it up, testing the weight of it, and pinches the price tag between the tip of his index finger and thumb so he can flip it over. He must not object to what the shop is asking for the piece because he says, \"This one.\"\n\n\"I like that one. One of my favourites. I hope you'll take good care of it\" As if it were a kitten or something equally as precious. \"We take cash, or cards, your choice. The only other option you need to choose is whether you would like it boxed up or whether you'll just wear it out\" She's shifting to work the cash register, punch in the numbers and rattle off the end price for him before looking over. \n\n\"What.. What are you?\" Curiosity finally getting the best of her. \"You can't be one of the others. I can't tell an Other from someone else, but you're not…\" She's trying to find the words. \"You're not touched, not.. properly?\"\n\nVasya fishes his wallet out of his coat pocket and pries it open. Teresa catches the flash of an identification card - he must not live completely off the grid - but the heel of his hand blocks her view, preventing her from seeing the name or the address associated with it. The picure at least matches his face. \n\nHe counts out the cash and drops it down onto the counter. \"No,\" he says. \"I'm not like you. \n\n\"I am also not like Them.\" To answer her other question, he snips off the piece of string and price tag between his teeth, then slides the ring onto the thumb of his right hand.\n\n\"Something in between\" She murmurs, thumbing through the cash, counting it out before inputting numbers back into the register to be rewarded with the ding of the tray popping out and the correct change displayed on the little stub of a readout. Which is counted out quickly and placed on the counter for him to take in exchange for the string and tag. \n\n\"Should I be worried?\" An honest question.\n\n\"Yes,\" Vasya says, \"but not about me.\" He folds up the receipt and tucks it into his wallet before sliding the wallet back into his coat pocket. \"Good night, Teresa.\"\n\n\"Should I be worried about my not… really friends Vasya?\" The other rings are being slid back into their case, not locking them up yet. \"Are you the ghost of christmas past Vasya? Will I be visited by three others in the next month, right at closing time?\" She's attempting to tease him but thinks the better of it. \"Ignore that. It was nice to see you. Be safe out there, wherever it is you are heading off to tonight. I hope you have less canes coming at you\"\n\n\"I will worry about your not-friends,\" Vasya says - he can tell when he's being teased, and this is his own attempt at humour, though it falls a little flat. He scrubs his knuckles along his jaw. Whatever else he might have been about to say stalls on his tongue. \n\nHe reaches up, flips up the collar of his coat to shield his neck from the wind and the cold, and shoulders his way outside. \n\nThis time, the bells ring."

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