Your Apologies Suck

Cast: date: 'August 30, 2012'
place: Lambeth
participants: 'David, Teresa'
synopsis: 'David attempts to make reparations for his partner that night and explain himself, despite Teresa wanting none of that. '
log: "Arielle and Teresa, sitting in a tree K I S S I- not really. After Arielle was ejected from where they were, it was off to one more place and eventually, Arielle went home while Teresa did the same. She'll claim her motorcycle from in front of her classmates place when she's not pickled, and can pass a sobriety test. \n\nAs it is, she was dropped off a few blocks from her place and it's with barely straight steps that she's making her way back with keys out, singing to herself. She's inebriated, Arielle succeeded.\n\nHaving thoroughly reprimanded Sandraudiga in the car on the way back to the Headquarters and dropped her off to file a report of the incident. He decides to walk home so he can blow off steam from the failed mission. He has his hands in his pockets as he walks down the sidewalk, taking a detour by Teresa's place to see if she's there or not. He finally looks up as he hears the singing from up the street and pauses in his tracks for a moment as he sees who it is. He moves towards her, keeping an eye on her as he does so to not scare her and cause her to set the buildings around them on fire.\n\nHe can tell when Teresa notices him - or at least that she's not alone. Because the singing stops, dropping down low and her walk changes. It's that same guarded walk that every woman adopts when they realize that they are alone and there's a man on the street between them and their destination. Of which, David is.\n\nDavid continues to keep his hands in his pockets as he continues to walk up the sidewalk. His eyes continue to look at the woman, making sure that she doesn't go all flame on. He's not even sure if she recognizes him or if it's just because he's a man and she's a woman on a dark street alone. He tries to be as non-threatening as possible as he moves.\n\nHe has at his advantage, the fact that she's keeping her gaze on the ground. \n\nThat is until she's passing right beside him and recognition flares. It's maybe his fear, come to life as she's letting loose with not only a fist aimed at his gut, but with the flame that leaps all too easily to life thanks to her inebriated state with a promise of burning if she gets a hand on him. \n\n\"You asshole\"\n\nDavid's training and instincts kick in as she throws the punch at him, easily stepping to the side of the punch mostly in part to her inebriation, but that doesn't protect him from the effects of the fire. He doesn't move fast enough to avoid his shirt being singed by the flames, the heat being felt on his skin. \"Whoa, whoa, whoa. Calm down.\" He says as he tries to calm her down. \"I'm not here to fight or hurt you.\" He says as he looks at her. \"I just wanted to apologize for what happened tonight.\" He prepares himself for any additional punches thrown his way.\n\n\"Oh really? Apologize for you cane wielding bitch who got us kicked out? Because let me tell you, I was having a really good time and I didn't need the lot of you babysitting me\" There's no punch, but there is an increase of the heat coming off the fire the flickers and seems to eat up her arm but not actually catching her own clothing on fire. It starts to change a paler shade of orange though which doesn't bode well. \n\n\"Your apologies suck. Coming up on a woman when you know she's drunk, alone, and late at night. Didn't your little tea party teach you that? Or did common sense leave you?\" Her voice raised, it's little surprise that she's rushing at him again, trying to nail him with the fire. Good thing the building she lives in is brick at least.\n\nDavid nods his head once at the mention of the cane. \"Yes. She is being reprimanded for her actions.\" He says as the heat from her flames increasing. \"If you'll let me explain everything, I hope that we can reach an understanding.\" He looks at her, hoping she'll calm down. \"I wasn't trying to sneak up on you. I was going to knock and then I saw you on the street. I was going to head home and come back—\" That's all he is able to get out before she rushes him. He attempts a sidestep, but she manages to grab a hold of his jacket, causing it to ignite. \"Fuck!\" He says as he quickly squirms out of it, suffering some minor burns in the process. He immediate reaches for the nearest shadow created by the fire to create a club like weapon to defend himself with.\n\nHe doesn't need the shadow to quell the fire, there's a twist of her palm in the air with the hand not on fire, and the flames on the jacket just evaporate leaving just the charring and fire damage to the jacket as evidence. And of course the minor burns on David. \"You better get explaining, before I get back to burning\" fingers wriggle, as if playing with the flames that slide like liquid around her hand, licking at the oxygen around them, threatening to engulf her arm completely.\n\nDavid isn't taking any chances, he keeps the shadow club in hand, but at his side once the flames disappear. He takes a deep breath as she gives him a chance to explain. He glances around the area to make sure they're alone before he looks at her and starts to speak. \"You know, that you are like me. You have a gift that normal people have. From the Gloom. The place where you were taken to. There are creatures from there we call the Others. They are evil creatures. The man you were talking with tonight was one of them.\"\n\nHe takes a pause there as he glances around once more then continues. \"The woman with the cane, she is able to see through their disguises and see them for what they are. She was trying to protect you, but she went outside of our protocols and attacked him in the club getting us all kicked out. For that I apologize. We didn't plan on interfering with your night.\"\n\n\"Oh, but you planned on stalking me with the nutjob with a cane. Great job there Jim Bob. Excellent choice. Did they let her out of the closet just for tonight to stalk the pyro?\" She snaps at him, the fire covering her arm now, spreading across her hip, claiming territory inch by inch. \"And clearly we are both different from the rest of the world, because you're fucking with whatever it is that you are screwing with\" A gesture to the club and flame lingers in the air with the gesture before dissipating. \n\n\"I don't need a crash course in what the hell is wrong with me. I disappeared, I remember enough to know that where I went, wasn't a good place. I escaped, and I burn shit. I can cover myself in fire. We're called Touched. There's places on the internet to find this information when you're not denounced as freaks or conspiracy theorists. Skip the god damned textbook. I don't need it.\" And then it's faltering, flickering wildly before the flames just dissipate. \n\n\"And he's something. Like I know you're something or like I know something that's been touched by the gloom and so what. A one night stand with a guy who won't get freaked out when he's alone with me because something about me just doesn't feel right. Oh but don't worry, I have a condom. I had my own protection, but I'm sure you would have provided one if looked like I might not have when we got past the heavy petting\" Now she's just sliding into mean.\n\nDavid sighs and shakes his head. \"He wasn't touched. He was one of the Others. He was going to kill you.\" He says simply after her rant. \"He was going to take you back into the gloom.\" He says as he looks into her eyes, his face completely serious. He finally lets the shadow club disappear into a wisps of shadow, his hands now empty. \"If we had not been there, it's most likely that you would be dead by sunrise.\"\n\n'Because you totally sat down and had tea and crumpets with him, your little pinkies up in the air and he showed you his journal where he writes down his master plan that he hides under his mattress\" Patronizing. Miming it all out as she goes. \"They spewed this shit, back in Augusta. Tried to make me light up like a bonfire, so they could have a reason to haul me in, said I was too dangerous to be alone. Followed me everywhere too. Till we had no choice but to run. Fuck if I am going to uproot my parents again when they have had peace and quiet for the last two years and I'm not some woman who spent a year in the looney bin that everyone avoids.\" \n\nShe's digging in her purse now, sussing out keys before realizing they're in a pocket. \"Go tell them that I'm dangerous. I know I'm dangerous, but that if I seriously have another one of you pull that bullshit in the bar, that lady cripple did, I will not hesitate to burn so bright they'll think i'm a fucking supernova\"\n\nDavid sighs and shakes his head at her words. \"Believe me or not. It's your life. You're the one he's after. We're trying to make sure you get to live another day so you can do whatever the fuck you want.\" He's apparently getting annoyed with her resistance. \"I'm not asking for a thank you or even a pat on the back. I'm trying to apologize for the mistakes we made tonight and the reason why she attacked him.\" He slips his hands into his pockets and shrugs his shoulders slightly. \"Do what you want with the information. I'm not going to stop you from doing whatever you want to. Have a good night.\" He says before he starts to move back up the sidewalk.\n\nThere's a salute from Teresa, heels snapping together. \n\n\"Enjoy the barbeque! Put some ointment on that!\" Singsong, she turns, starting to take the few steps to the front doors of her apartment building. David, it seems, is not being pursued."

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