These are the various logs that were posted by staff and players alike. They are some of the bits of role playing that has happened on the grid. Anyone is welcome to post logs from their roleplay sessions that have been recorded. Staff holds no responsibility for the contents of the logs that are posted here, but do NOT post logs that contain scenes containing adult situations.

To create a new log entry, just type in the OOC date followed by a -# where # is the next number of the log for that date. (Example: There are 3 logs for March 23rd, 2013. The next entry would be entered as '03232013-4')

Table of Contents

March 2013

Title Date Players Involved Quick Description
You're Not Mad, But The World Is March 3, 2013 Wynn, Eugene Eugene discovers that his hallucinations are not hallucinations after an Other attack in a Tesco parking lot.

February 2013

These are the logs of the roleplay scenes that have taken place in February 2013.

Title Date Players Involved Quick Description
Moving's A Bitch 11 February 2013 Cedric, Cassandra, Lex, Hilary, Decker A hunt for the next artifact turns ugly when innocent bystanders become involved … and it's a good thing they did.
A Cuisinart Full of Dragons 02 February 2013 Cedric, Crispin (emits by Chimera) Watch agents go to take a closer look at Declan MacNamara's donation to Stillwater Art Gallery.
Gotcha 5 February 2013 Mairwen Mairwen really ought to have called for someone to walk her home….
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