Logs for November 2012
Date Title Characters Featured Synopsis
2nd This Flock of Drunkards Cedric, Jack, Mattie, Teresa, Yuki Touched take some time out after work to get tipsy.
4th House and Home Jack, Mattie Mattie gets a chance to see a section of closed off London history.
5th Remember, Remember Imogen, Jack, Mattie, Naz Mattie gets a history lesson, Jack gets to blow things up, and Naz gets a very brief introduction to the Watch.
Millennial Visitor Cedric, Crispin, Ash, Yuki Talbot An unexpected visitor out of the Gloom is a little hard to communicate with - but the effort is worth the reward.
6th The Shadows' Price Cedric, Ash, Talbot An information-sharing session turns into a nightmarish discovery - and a whole bucketload of paperwork.
This Blade Slays The Snake Wynn, Crispin Wynn wakes up with a very strange urge. Under the influence of the viking he connected to, he carves a message into the floor.
10th To Be or Not To Be Hilary, Jack, Mattie A chance meeting with Hilary doesn't go any better than the planned one for Mattie and Jack.
18th Just Because They Swear Hilary, Teresa In the aftermath of Moira, Hilary runs into Teresa, who accompanies him to Midnight Mass and sheds a little light. Literally.
20th You Broke It Ash, Cedric, Nadya A meeting to compare notes and examine the artifacts relating to the Declan MacNamara case results in an interesting and slightly smoky discovery.
27th This Thing of Darkness I Acknowledge Mine Jack, Mattie Dark conversations about the past.
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