Logs for October 2012
Date Title Characters Featured Synopsis
1st A Fish Best Served Cold Decker, Yuki Decker's performance attracts the wandering Yuki's attention. The two escape the freezing rain in a nearby diner, and enjoy a revealing conversation over fish and chips.
3rd When in Doubt, Bring Flowers Griffin, Huruma, Yuki Huruma meets with Griffin for a lunch date. Yuki stumbles on the meeting by chance. Huruma gets flowers from Griffin, and Yuki gets words of advice from them both.
5th People Like Us Benjamin, Mattie In a chance encounter at a bus station, Benjamin asks Mattie for help with a recent acquisition that is more than meets the eye.
A Tale of Two Beers Decker, Yuki On their second meeting, Decker returns the favor by treating Yuki to dinner, beer, and another engaging conversation.
6th In Rock, Paper, Scissors... Teresa, Tucker Tucker comes around to Teresa's flat to get her help in burning something that isn't a vampire.
7th That's Lovely Hilary, Huruma, Teresa Three people. In a fish & chips shop. Enjoying their fish and chips. And broadway. Okay, maybe not enjoying broadway.
Life is Like a Hurricane... Cedric, Lex, Mattie, Yuki Ducks attack, one man screams a lot, and two people are introduced to a modicum of safety.
8th Tom Foolery and the Shenanigans Denton, Imogen Must love dogs, and dogs must love jazz.
Livin' In The Fridge Jack, Mattie, Yuki Jack and Mattie interview Yuki formally. Will she make the cut? Find out inside!
9th No Exit Cedric, Lex, Yuki An experimentation session turns awkward.
10th Courtroom Drama Christian, Gwyneth, Naz Could a misstep by another local MC's member and the punishment dished out call down retribution on the Devil's Court? Time will tell.
11th A Bet You Can't Lose Cedric, Christian, Gwyneth, Naz, Yuki Potential alliances are formed, potential enemies are made, and much drinking is done, all for a good cause.
My Dear Lady Disdain Jack, Mattie The road to Mattie's ire is paved with good intentions.
12th Beastly Manners Jack, Mattie, Rory The local graveyard experiences some rather ill-appetited creatures rooting about.
14th Busy, Busy, Busy Cedric, Mattie If coffee could talk among itself, it would hear some of the strangest tales.
Footprints Mattie, Cedric,Hilary A little bit of slime helps the day go by.
15th The Lady Doth Protest Too Much Jack, Hilary, Mattie, Yuki Yuki learns how not to approach an unaffiliated Touched when the Watch investigates someone who harmed one of their own — if indirectly.
Visiting Hour Cedric, Jack, Mattie, Yuki Cedric's illness after a run-in with Hilary is investigated further with a chat with the victim.
17th Notting Hill Run-In Ashley, Hilary, Yuki Ashley gets lost in Notting Hill, leading to a chance run-in with Hilary and Yuki. Greetings, pleasantries, and unpleasantries follow.
22nd A Few Fries Short of a Happy Meal Cedric, Jack, Levi, Mattie Sunday afternoon breakroom chatter.
The X-Files Stuff is Real Julian, Mattie Julian finds himself inexplicably in 2012 and Mattie takes the disoriented FBI agent under her wing.
25th Fish or Cut Bait Levi, Nadya Levi and Nadya go down into the sewers to try and deal with a mist-demon.
26th The Love Bug Yuki, Bonnie, Alister, Christian, Tessa A late evening in The City drives a few people buggy.
27th O True Apothecary Jack, Mattie Jack practices his sewing skills when Mattie needs a helping hand.
30th Something of the Terrible Alister, Christian, Gwyneth, Jack Trouble brews when masks at the masquerade hide more than the usual.
31st Boys And Their Toys Cedric, Zvi, Levi A child running around the stacks in the library has something that's not really a toy….
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