• Has been posted in a variety of Watch positions around the world, usually on a short-term basis to handle engineering problems, help get labs set up, and similar tasks. He hasn't stayed anywhere longer than a year, and most of his postings were from four to eight months.

What makes him valuable is the particular focus of his studies:

Ashley isn't Touched, but he's spent the last decade trying to capture the dark strangeness of the Gloom in scientific principles and numbers. While his success hasn't been what he'd hoped, it hasn't been a failure, either, and in the course of his explorations, he's designed several different technological devices which use Gloom principles without being OF the Gloom. Some of them work regularly. Others…well. They're works in progress.


  • Portable Alterenergy Meter: The PAM detects Gloom influence on an area much like a Geiger counter would pick up radiation. It can pick up thin spots, open gateways, and if the Other is powerful enough, it can track its passage through the world. The information it gives is rather esoteric - while Ashley can teach others how to interpret it, he's by far the most adept user of the technology. Exposure to pure Gloom would fry the device completely. He wants to expand the PAM to a network of permanent stations that feed data back to a centralized database, but has never remained in one posting long enough to deploy such a thing.
  • The Mirrored Room: Decidedly non-portable, Ashley's lab contains a triangle of inward facing one-way mirrors that have been specially designed to pick up on 'true' reflections. Someone standing outside the Room can look at a subject inside and see a ghostly superimposition of their true reflection…usually. With some Touched, it just doesn't work. Ashley doesn't know why, which is a constant source of aggravation.


  • Portable Alterenergetic Neutralizer: Portable with a car and a strong man, the PAN is a four foot tall, sealed cylinder of steel that contains an experimental apparatus designed to…well, let's not get into the theory of it, but what it's SUPPOSED to do is neutralize all Gloom-based abilities within a three-foot radius around the PAN. What it USUALLY does is blow out every electrical circuit in the area and emit a high-pitched whine that makes people want to scratch their ears off.


In addition to the supernaturally-oriented equipment, Ashley designs and builds weapons and tools for Watch personnel. Need a flamethrower that works vaporized silver into the fire? Want an anti-vampire rice thrower that calculates maximum safe dispersion on the fly? He builds to spec!

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