Notes for Cedric Moseley

You could take me higher
So you said and I trusted you
I may be a liar
But betrayal lies on you

—Kamelot, "The Black Halo"



  • Darla: Guess you weren't ready for that. I warned you not to ask … but just know that I still love you and I'd come back to you if I could.
  • Mum and Dad: You have no idea what a horrible idea that really is. Better you don't know the truth.
  • Gordon: Thanks, mate. I owe you one. Good luck.


  • Dr. Regal: You're a researcher, not a doctor. Think I'll take my medical needs elsewhere.
  • Decker Kincaid: What. The actual. Fuck.
  • Jack Mitchell: No fool, but he and this Gideon bloke need to go out back someplace and have a go at each other.
  • Levi Ambrose: A bit gun-happy for my tastes, but reckon he's sane enough.
  • Alex Wei Sun: Uh, no thanks … but glad you were around.
  • Mattie Dahl: Good enough sort for a Yank, and I count her a friend. Reckon she's a bit like me - cares but is lousy at expressing it.
  • Nasreen Khan: Drives me absolutely wild … want to see how this ghost-talking thing of hers works.
  • Wynn Bevan: I feel for him. People are as afraid of him as they are of me. Long as he doesn't ever have a reason to turn that on me…
  • Yuki Winterbourne: Not one of my better moments, and one I'll be regretting for a while. Sorry. Not going there again.


  • Hilary St. Thomas: This bloke's a piece of work, right enough. Need to get close enough to find out whether he's safe to leave be.
  • Teresa Murdoch: Dangerous to herself and everyone one around her simply because she won't shut up. The worst part is, I can't do a damn thing to help her. Hope she doesn't get hurt.
  • Cassandra: Aw, fuck. Innocent caught up in a proper mess. She took it better than I expected, though.

Quirks and Et Ceteras

  • His iPad is his communications lifeline, and the only time he willingly leaves it behind is when he's on Watch field business. Can't have something happening to it.
  • He wears contact lenses most of the time; it makes him look different from his former self. He's about 20/80 without correction. The only time he wears glasses is in the field, and that's because contact lenses and fighting mix very badly.
  • The tattoo mentioned on his character page is located on the top of his right arm, at the shoulder, and is a pair of Japanese kanji meaning 'peace'.
  • Those who know him well know that a low, guttural snarl in his voice means he is fighting the monster. If he goes cold, he's about to change.
  • Soooooo not a morning person. There is life before coffee and cigarettes, but it's not very communicative life.
  • Cedric absolutely despises killing people. He hates it and he hates how easy it is, and he hates having to do it. But do it he will - as a court of last resort.

Player Notes and Comments

Cedric is inspired by Yuri from the US Playstation game Shadow Hearts Covenant. While he thinks the monster is his true self, he hasn't yet accepted that or come to terms with it, so he fights it. It's not quite an exact replica - there's some shades of Jekyll and Hyde there - but it's closer to the Harmonixer concept than J&H.


Player Note: I'm a bit of a dork when it comes to posting RP logs. I don't always post the personal stuff, and I tend to nitpick myself to death when I read back through logs. Comments in this section are about logs, explanations of log names, and so forth. Some of mine are pretty obscure references.

No Exit: This log name references a French existentialist play by Jean-Paul Sartre called Huis Clos, which is often translated as No Exit. The premise is three people locked in a room together in the afterlife, a straight girl, a straight guy, and a lesbian girl. The straight girl likes the guy, the guy likes the lesbian girl, and the lesbian girl likes the straight girl - it's meant to be a picture of hell for all three of them.

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