Notes for Edith Sonnenschein


  • As an outlet for her hostility and a means of keeping fit, Edith took up fencing in her early twenties. Physically, she is small enough that she prefers foil to sabre or épée, but has received training in all three weapons — this said, she has never received any recognition or awards for her skills because she hasn't done anything to deserve them. Although a competent and disciplined fencer, her fault lies in being too aggressive in spite of efforts to curb this instinct for more than a decade.
  • Known by most of her music students as "Ms. Sunshine" — which is a great deal easier for children to pronounce. The name is also slung around the Watch, both to her face and (more often) behind her back. She pretends it doesn't bother her.
  • It takes a conscious effort for Edith not to be ruled by her bestial side. She has reached the point where years can pass between full transformations into the creature she really is, but this degree of control doesn't come without cost; to appease the Gloom, she kills several times a month and gorges herself on the blood of her victims, which is something her superiors with the Watch would not be pleased to discover. Fortunately, the training provided to her by the organization has taught her how to either dispose of the evidence or redirect blame as required.
  • As a general rule, Edith doesn't do relationships. The few attempts she's made at romantic attachment have all ended badly as her partner either complains about her lack of emotional availability, or accuses her of becoming too emotionally involved — there is no middle ground, and she can be a real terror on the rare occasions she allows herself to show that she's upset. One night stands aren't out of the question.
  • Edith is a prolific smoker and doesn't seem to care where she does it — her office reeks of tobacco and cigarette smoke, even when she has the presence of mind to open the windows. She keeps a running list of establishments where she is no longer welcome.
  • One of Edith's guilty pleasures is salty licorice — the kind flavoured with ammonium chloride. Her favourite brand is Dubbel Zout, which come in the form of small, black tablets imprinted with the letters DZ. Although they're imported into the U.K. from Holland, there is enough demand that they aren't particularly expensive or difficult to track down.
  • Sonnenschein is a German surname, but Edith's family — at least on her mother's side — originally hails from Sweden. She and her brother were raised speaking both Swedish and English in the home and have retained a faint accent.
  • Edith satisfies her need for companionship outside of her corvids with a small grey cat named Minnows.


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