Notes for Gideon Parish


  • Gideon is a criminal for hire. If you need something stolen, someone disappeared or any other sort of nefarious dealings done, while keeping your own hands sparkly clean, contact Gideon. (Or, really drop be an @mail and we can figure out how your character would contact him and if it's a job he could manage.)


Note: Characters are arranged by the groups Gideon believes they're in.


Cedric Moseley: All in all, I suppose he's a decent sort. He's got a bit too much of the Gloom-chewed-me-up-and-spat-me-out-and-now-look-at-what's-left sulk about him, but I figure we all went through that.

David Darkholme: I can't say I knew him well, but he suffered the fate we all fear is waiting for us. I hope whatever took him ripped him to shreds and that was it, because there are things worse than death and the Gloom knows them all.

Edith Sonnenschein: She's a fucking headache is what. A smart bird, no doubt about it, and who can blame her for keeping her thoughts to herself. But, if she doesn't let go of this campaign to make me join up, I'm going to lose my temper.

Imogen Moore: Gorgeous little piece. Shame she's Watch.

Jack Mitchell: Twat.

Mattie Dahl: She's all right, though you'd think a girl that goes invisible would learn how to be more discreet. And it's fun to say 'hello Dahl' in a way that makes it unclear as to whether I'm using her last name or a pet name.

Ruth James: I rather like Ruth. She's got a crack sense of humor, doesn't take things too seriously and manages to get on with it, despite the chiton and toxic skin and bug eating and whatnot. Plus, there was that thing I did for her in that place that time. Most fun I'd had in months.

Tucker Harris: You know, there's got to be gobs of party tricks he can manage with that jaw of his.


Benjamin Turner: He makes it sound like he's been out of the Gloom for some time, but in many ways, he acts like it spat him out yesterday. Won't look any Touched in the eye, tries to push on like nothing ever happened. I think being on good terms with him may prove useful.

Nathaniel Valentine: This one did just get spat out yesterday. Poor sot, he's got no idea what's in store.

Rose Hawthorne: Well, she's round the bend, but who the fuck cares when she dresses like the eighties having sex.

Teresa Murdoch: She can't walk and hold coffee at the same time, apparently. I wonder what it is about her that's caught the Watch's attention.

Wynn Bevan: Oddest game of pool I've ever played. Something's going on there.

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