Notes for Huruma


  • Her natural eye color is somewhere between ivory and white; she lacks, for the most part, pigmentation in her irises, and has been that way since birth. She will sometimes employ the use of brown contacts, especially in any cases of needing to appear more normal for whatever reason.
  • Huruma has been trained up since she was small, though she has only been a true member of the Karaba since she was around 17 years old; this gives her more than two decades of field-oriented experience with all manner of abnormal matters. The supernatural, paranormal, occult, preternatural, et cetera. Experience which she is delighted to use, by the by. Her concentrations lie in areas more relevant to her homeland. However- she is ultimately an excellent student.
  • Her name, Huruma, means "mercy" in Swahili. Synonymous with "compassion" and "humanity".
  • While she is quite skilled on the piano, Huruma also has a rather haunting singing voice.
  • Having the need to feed in order to subdue her wild self has led Huruma to become a rather …opportunistic predator, to say the least. Given that she has extreme fondness and pride for the form the Gloom has given her, incidents can be numerous. Her victims- sentient or not- are unfortunate in that Huruma also finds enjoyment in the act. Finding solace and a sense of being, perhaps, is a secondary thing; Huruma believes that using her magic and abiding by it brings her closer to her patron god.
  • While she often claims and acts otherwise, Huruma has a soft spot for children; there are several reasons for this, and most she will not recount. Babies are another matter entirely. She avoids them if at all possible.
  • Huruma is currently staying at The Hollow Tree Hostel. She has already had to leave one temporary living situation with the Watch, because she did not quite get along with others in the house. Truthfully, she would prefer her own place, but in the meantime one can hope that the hostel has enough space for her to be able to get her own. She is still looking for some other accommodations- though if she is able to find that one fine job, it would help her out considerably.


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