Notes for Imogen Moore


  • Imogen's been with the London Watch, working safehouses since she was 16-17. She's a familiar face, and easily known by the other Watch members.
  • The Crow And The Caper is a legit business sitting on top of a basement that serves as the Watch safehouse. Watch regulars know how to come and go without being seen by the customers and everyone knows she has a rule against using Touched abilities on the premises without some dire emergency.



August 2012
24th Welcome to the Watch Daniel, Imogen Daniel finds his way to Imogen's safehouse. She is totally comforting and encouraging.
27th Pocket Watch Gideon, Imogen, Mattie A very early morning meeting in the coffee shop leads to an interesting wager.
September 2012
2nd Sick Party, Mate Decker, Imogen, Mattie The Notting Hill Carnival gets crazy.
11th Pizza and Beer Imogen, Mattie The girls get together for a late night snack.
13th Got A Light? Huruma, Imogen, Jack, Teresa, Tucker A couple of vampires looking to score find more than they've bargained for.


Come Away To The Water - Maroon 5

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