• Jackie is deep in debt to the Watch for covering up for her after a couple of sloppy monster killings that would have gotten her convicted of at least two counts of murder. This is not commonly known outside of a few agents in Brighton who all keep quiet about it, though if the higher-ups in the Watch think she needs to be manipulated, they might whisper in a few ears. In the Watch, it's merely embarrassing, but if word got out to the mortal authorities, Jackie would be in trouble.

Watch File

For anyone of authority or who would be able to get access to it, this information is public.

  • Jackie was a subject of investigation for about a month before the Brighton Watch took her under their aegis. She was a protected subject for seven months, during which time she started training, and then became a full member of the Watch. She has been in the Watch for about a year and a half.
  • Jackie's primary strength is how personable she is. She gets sent in when a mission needs someone who doesn't look like a cop or an otherworldly monster. She has some minor combat experience (mostly in staying out of it and in assassinations) and a small amount of experience in helping to cover up paranormal phenomena (like convincing people that what they saw was something else, or imagined).
  • Jackie was transferred to London by request and to use the resources in London to further her training.
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