Notes For Mattie


  • An American from Los Angeles, California, Mattie has lived in London for two years.
  • Mattie slings coffee at the Regency Cafe in Westminster — mostly to catch wind of any odd happenings but also because she knows she needs something other than her work with the
  • She's a fairly good burglar, given both her experience and her ability. If you need into a locked or small place, she's your gal.
  • She's been a member of the Watch since she was 15 years old, an operative since 18. At 25, she has quite a lot of experience.
  • She rents a room at The Crow and the Caper.




  • David — She's always had a good working relationship with Darkholme, but it turned more personal just recently. Go figure the first time she dates another Watcher, he goes missing the next day.
  • Edith — Mattie respects Edith and isn't bothered by the woman's somber disposition — maybe because she makes Mattie seem outright cheery in contrast.
  • Imogen — Her landlady and also a friend. Mattie is able to let her guard down a little more with Imogen than she is with most.
  • Jack — They may have similar pasts, but having to work with Jack of late is a source of irritation for this American — especially after he called her snooty.


  • Teresa — Mattie has some sympathy for the woman, but it has its limits; there are others who've had it worse by far, in Mattie's view. Still, she has vowed to be straight with her fellow Yankee and will be there whenever Teresa calls her.


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