Notes for Teresa Murdoch


  • Teresa has inconsistent and at times fragile control over what the gloom left on her when she escaped. She ignites at sometimes inopportune or stressed moments, generally from her hands and spreads across her arms. The rims of her iris's will seem to glow like embers just before she does. When she manages to turn it off, there's a 'pop' like when turning off the gas on the BBQ. Does she still burn without oxygen? It shall have to be discovered.
  • Hailing from Augusta, Maine USA, Teresa has only been in London for two years. She does however, enjoy citizenship thanks in part to her father.
  • While not a fire and brimstone religious individual, Teresa does firmly believe in god in one form or another thanks in part of her stay in the gloom.
  • Attends Kings College - Waterloo Campus for nursing. While she has the potential to be a nurse and the skills, the aura and discomfort that the gloom leaves upon a person colors and influences how her instructors feel around her and in truth, how comfortable her patients will be. But she tries anyways though is very close to having no choice but to try her hand at something else.
  • She's a smoker. it's not often, tends to be only on a bad day and don't ask her for a lighter, she doesn't need one.


  • Mattie - One of her first interaction with the London Watch, the woman has over the brief time, made Teresa doubt that the agents here are in any way the same as the ones that she's had run ins with back in Augusta. The frankness helps, as well as the fact that she's an American as well. There's no BFF's OMG 4EVA, 4 EVA EVA, but she may take pity on her during lunch at school and share a table. Not like anyone else will sit with them.
  • Tucker - Grandmother, my what teeth you have. Launderer of clothing and member of the watch who's just this side of bold and much like Mattie, makes her think that the Watch isn't all bad. But then here's that whole unhinge your jaw, Langolier's deal thing happening. Stephen Kings wet dream, or inspiration.
  • Vasya - Mysterious man in a bar who was attacked by a strange woman. He surfaced later in the pawn shop to thank her for the drink, buy a ring and otherwise by cryptic. Not a Touched, but he's not an Other - so he claims. She can't tell, but knows that there is something.
  • The Watch -


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