Declan MacNamara
Declan MacNamara
Andrew Scott
Andrew Scott as Declan MacNamara
Name Declan MacNamara
Status Alive
Age 34
Occupation CEO, Lamia Industries
Place of Origin Dublin, Ireland
Date of Birth August 8, 1978
Controlled by Fireshift


Declan MacNamara took over his father's company (then named MacNamara Industries) at the age of 29. By all accounts, the business has prospered and expanded under his tenure. Still, the company's dealings are difficult to penetrate. Their website is full of business talk that even businessmen have difficulty sorting.

Lamia Industries is a privately-owned, multi-million pound operation with its headquarters in London City. It owns a diverse set of subsidiary organizations with interests in everything from property development and management, to the IT sector, to natural resources and manufacturing.

MacNamara himself does not have much of a public profile. The most high-profile thing he does is donate generously to museums, particularly those housing bronze-age artifacts.

Paranormal Abilities

Unknown, but there is suspicion that he is Touched. He dropped out of sight shortly after his father handed over control of the company to him, which was an odd time to go AWOL.

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