Rory Lovelace
Rory Lovelace
Henry Ian Cusick
Henry Ian Cusick as Rory Lovelace
Name Rory Lovelace
Status Alive
Age 36
Occupation Gentleman Adventurer/Watch Field Agent
Place of Origin Aberdeen, Scotland
Date of Birth June 7, 1976
Controlled by topoftheheap


Rory is a big part of The Watch's financial support, with his copious fortune. He's recently decided he's able to take on a more active role in the Watch, and has come to London as a new field agent at their disposal.

Paranormal Abilities

Bone Manipulation - Rory can produce extra bone material and eject it to use in various ways. These grows always start as an offshoot of his natural bone structure and thus, have to grow, break off and push through his skin (among other things) before they're useable; the organs and soft tissuey bits move away from the protruding growth rather than get punctured - most of the time. The smaller the offshoot, the faster this all goes. These wounds don't linger after the bone exits the body, but they sure do hurt while they're happening. Overuse results in passing out from the pain. Even without overuse, he suffers from things like carpal tunnel and arthritis far too young.

* Bone Projectiles: From darts to spikes, he can grow and project sharp bones from his body. Usually this is from fingers and forearms, but they can technically protrude from anywhere on his skeleton. He can shoot the these protrusions at his targets or break them off to use as melee/throwing weapons.

* Bone Shield: He can grow an exoskeleton of bone over his skin to protect him from damage. Obviously, this doesn't work for all kinds of damage, but he's ready with a shield on hand for physical attacks. Unfortunately, it can only grow over his body and not into the more classic shield form, but it works for him. He has to break this off when he no longer wants it, which can be difficult, painful and embarrassing.

* Infinite jointed!: He’ll never have to worry about not being able to get out of a pair of handcuffs. It isn't pretty, but he can contort himself around like most double-jointed people can.

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