Private Collection

This is a club/lounge like no other. It's an old Victorian townhouse that has been gutted into wide open spaces over three levels, but retains its historic character.

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The Parlour
The second floor is to the general public, a private party area that is always guarded by a bouncer with a clipboard. The truth is, it is an area only accessible to Touched or people they vouch for. It is guarded by a bouncer who checks for true faces before they're let in. It's a place for Touched to talk freely about their issues and the Gloom, while relaxing in a social atmosphere.
The space is very similar in feel to the Gallery, except smaller and more intimate. There is a small, private bar, a half dozen tables and antique furniture clustered around a pair of hearths. Display cases contain old manuscripts and artifacts, and the walls are lined with portraits with people suspected to be Touched. The windows are large and open, and it allows for lovely views of the city. There's a small balcony overlooking the property's well-kept garden.

The Gallery
The main level has a very pub-like feel. There's a long, polished mahogany bar with a display of antique liquors behind a sheet of plexiglass. But this is no traditional English Pub. There are low, antique-style chairs (though not actually antiques) clustered in seating areas all around. The most coveted areas are a series of fainting couches focused around a lazy susan table, in front of the main hearth. The walls are covered in portraits, from floor to the top of 12-foot ceiling. Pub food and sharing plates are on offer, as well as a fine selection of beer and classic cocktails.

The Collection
This is the night club, with a large, open dance floor, a raised stage for a DJ or a small band, and a more modern bar. The Victorian flavour is kept by the fact that it feels like a club in the middle of a museum. The walls are lined with artifacts, ranging from pottery to daggers and other odd and sometimes macabre knick nacks. It is protected by a layer of thick plexiglass and security systems. There is a door out back that leads to a small patio for smoking, or just to catch a breath of fresh air.

Private Collection is owned by a man named Eccles. He is not Touched, and just what his connection to the community is, remains a mystery. What is known is that he seems to have a friendly relationship with the Watch. His establishment is trusted as a Touched safehaven. Though, he does ask that people leave their politics at the door.

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