12-08-432 Teresa Murdoch Assessment
Date 20 August 2012
Submitted by Mattie Dahl
Report Type Assessment
Requires further action? Yes
Urgent? No

Upon search of Teresa Murdoch's apartment, it was found that the woman had several fire extinguishers and zero mirrors, proving suspicions that the woman continues to have problems with fires and is more than likely Touched.

We (Jack Mitchell, David Darkholme and myself) traveled to the Murdoch Pawn Shop in Lambeth owned by the Murdoch family. Only Teresa Murdoch was present. After ensuring that there was no danger to any other patrons or her parents, we approached Murdoch and eventually told her that she was not alone and that we could help her with the control of her ability.

She grew angry and asked to be left alone; we left contact information (my cell phone number) and began to leave when she moved to the back of the store where she was startled by Mitchell, who used his ability to get to the safety of the vehicle. She seemed in relative control of her ability as we (Darkholme and myself) exited the store.

My suggestion is that she be monitored from time to time or that we make a second attempt at approaching her, perhaps a "chance encounter" so that she can approach us.

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