12-08-472: I.P. Kozlov's Emporium
Date 2012-08-29
Submitted by Eleanore Marie Hamilton
Report Type Investigation
Requires further action? Yes
Urgent? No

Watch Agents: Eleanore Hamilton, Ruth James, Cedric Moseley

Assignment: Look into a possible Touched or Gloom events around Benjamin Turner, owner of I.P. Kozlov's Emporium

A quick assessment makes it obvious that Benjamin Turner is Touched, and seems to have been for quite many years. He was offered a point of contact (given the telephone number the Watch provides) and asked to contact either three of us if he wanted to know more, and needed help. Benjamin Turner is cautious and suspicious, but not unfriendly, despite that we were three and he was alone. Future visits to the store is in order. It has an excellent collection of curiosities, esoterica and books, too.

Ella Hamilton

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