12-08-477: What Not to Do
Date 29 August 2012
Submitted by David Darkholme
Report Type Incident
Requires further action? Yes
Urgent? Yes

From the surveillance team, we gained word that Teresa Murdoch was going to a nightclub with some friends. In order to assure that she would be no danger to herself or others, myself and Agent Sandraudiga followed her to the club to keep her under surveillance. After watching Ms. Murdoch, Agent Sandraudiga noticed one of the Others in the form of a human. Without notifying me of what she saw, she instead stood up and went to confront it, punching it in the jaw as she pretended to be heavily intoxicated.

I attempted to reach her before she could do anything, but due to the large crowd in the establishment, I was unable to do so. We were forced to leave the establishment by their security and the assignment failed. When we were being asked to leave, I heard a voice in my head say, "If she interferes again, I'll kill her. Tell that to your people." We lost sight of Ms. Murdoch and the Other after leaving the establishment. We were unable to pursue her. Agent Sandraudiga was reprimanded by myself on the way back to Headquarters.

I would recommend that there be a twenty-four hour surveillance established on Ms. Murdoch's home, business and known associates. I also recommend that Agent Sandraudiga be submitted to retraining on protocols during assignments and others as necessary. and a note made in her record.

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