12-09-029: Missing Homeless Report
Date 2nd September, 2012
Submitted by Jack
Report Type Investigation
Requires further action? Yes
Urgent? Yes

On August 31st, Cedric Moseley and Jack Mitchell visited Paddington to find the homeless man Paddy, who had given information to the police on missing homeless people which we wanted to investigate. They were Red, Lil'Man and Chris. Paddy said in a roundabout way that Lil'Man and Chris were Touched and had gone off to the tunnels under Hyde Park to find Red who had gone missing.

Another fella, Gideon had also shown up to talk to Paddy and the two of us from the watch listened in and then I joined the conversation.

Cedric watched from nearby and drew sketches of the people, which are attached to this report.


There are three of them, all drawn on lined paper appropriate to a pocket-sized sketchbook, and look like they were pulled out of the small, fat ring notebook he had with him in the train station. The style is hastily-drawn pencil, with many extra lines, sharp and starkly realistic in proportions and harshly evocative.

The first is Paddy, face only, the edge of a coffee cup visible and a tear sliding down his cheek. Extra lines evoke roughness and grime. The second is Gideon, drawn in an oddly two-faced style split vertically down the middle. The left half is a pretty good rendition of his human self; the right, his Touched self, all in the same picture. The last one is varied, small images, a heart over a cross, a bird, and the words "Hyde Park" written in one corner, not on the lines, and two men following a third into nothing - the image is smudged and faded out with an eraser before being drawn over with many dark lines; the dark lines are drawn /hard/, and there's a small tear in the page.

Early morning, September 2nd. Cedric Moseley, David Darkholme and Jack Mitchell went to Hyde Park to investigate the tunnels and try to find the missing people. Again the Touched Gideon was there. He seemed intent on coming along, even though he said at the station that he was going to leave it to us. He brought an attitude problem and provided no real assistance other than standing around. Suggest caution when dealing with him.

Entering the tunnels, chalk markings were made to keep track of the route and should still be there to follow to the site of the incident.

An Other was there and could be felt before it was seen, giving off feelings of fear. David ran out of the room after we first set eyes on it, screaming about some girl and into the tunnels. Cedric and me put to fighting the thing which was made hard by having trouble caring and getting all lazy like. We managed to put it down though with no injuries to ourselves.

Two bodies were found in the room. Looks like they had been sitting there a while and died before being fed on by rats. Clean up is required at this site to take care of the Other's body and also the two homeless bodies. Believed that the remaining body will be located nearby.

When leaving, David was nowhere to be found and has not been seen since. Checking in at his contact numbers just gets no answer and he did not report back to the Watch safe house. Suggest that clean up crew also looks out for any sign of him.

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