12-09-033 Notting Hill Carnival
Date 3 September 2012
Submitted by Mattie Dahl
Report Type Incident
Requires further action? No
Urgent? No

On September 2, Imogen Moore and I were attending the Notting Hill Carnival. While watching the parade, we overheard many people speaking about a party and/or drugs, and the we too were approached by a Rastafarian man offering drugs and inviting us to party. Simultaneously, we noticed a young man nearby with what appeared to be a nosebleed, except the fluid was black. I attempted to grab the wrist of the Rastafarian to question him, but instantly felt a strange sensation of intoxication, followed by nausea. My hand also went through his and he began to retreat.

I instructed Moore to assist the ill man while I followed the suspected Other. I noticed many other people, notably among them those we overheard talking about the party, following the man. I lost sight of him when he shapeshifted into the form of a young girl. After attempts to dissuade the Other's followers were futile, I used my ability to possess the Other and ran it into the path of an oncoming truck to kill it.

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