12-09-040 Possible Infiltrator
Date 3 September 2012
Submitted by Cedric Moseley
Report Type Incident
Requires further action? Yes
Urgent? Yes

Subject of Report: Rose Hawthorne

Miss Hawthorne's presence in the Watch HQ came to my attention approximately 1:30 PM. She promptly proceeded to take the piss out of everyone present, including myself and Agent James, claimed to know a great deal about the Touched. One would think that someone who is familiar with the Touched and their natures would know better than to deliberately provoke one they didn't know, but she blew it off when called on it by myself.

She was left alone in the Watch HQ for approximately twenty minutes; I had left her with Agent James to smoke, and when I returned, Agent James was gone and she was still there. Do not know what information might have been gleaned in that time; will update report with system accesses within that period originating from that location. I have not spoken with Agent James regarding why an unknown individual was left alone in the Watch HQ.

When asked how she came to join the Watch, she indicated that she did not know the person who asked her to join, that it was only a shadowy figure of some sort that had been watching her and apparently liked what they saw. This sounded dodgy to me, so I invited her to dinner in the interests of removing her from HQ.

At dinner, she attempted to get me to divulge more about myself, my workout routines, and my life routines. When told that I knew nothing of her and had no reason to believe she was who and what she claimed to be, she did her nut and stormed out.

I do not believe Miss Hawthorne to be herself Touched; there is no indication of that, nor do I believe that she is allied with the Watch or has any interest in such. She is arrogant, cocky, and presumes a great deal, presumably in an attempt to get more information. She may be an agent, either directly or indirectly, for an organization trying to learn more about the Watch. Maybe even an agent of the Other. I recommend that the Watch learn more about her before granting her access to the databases and that agents divulge no more about themselves, their routines, or their activities to this individual than strictly necessary.

//(System log for the date and time period in question is attached, showing all database transactions in that time period.) //

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