12-09-044 East End Encounter
Date September 8, 2012
Submitted by Ruth James, Cedric Moseley
Report Type Incident
Requires further action? Yes
Urgent? No

We were returning to Watch HQ at approximately 9 PM when a scuffle in a side alley caught our attention. We encountered a Touched individual previously unknown to the Watch who was fighting off four punks. We approached when fighting was finished and made contact, only to have a second Touched fall out of the sky onto the first. Fortunately, the first was a stable individual and we were able to defuse the situation without further hostility.

We don't know much about the second Touched. Twenty-something male of American origin named Seth, who appears to be teleporting constantly without control. He seems to have been this way for some time and appears to Touched as a ghost illusion. We were not able to keep him in the area long enough to learn more, but doubt the man is entirely sane. He said something about "that's a BIG one" before disappearing, so he may well be threatened by Others or the Gloom directly.

Given the location of the encounter, the time of day, and the possibility of Other activity following Seth, we opted to remove Decker Kincaid to a class A safehouse for further assessment. Assessment for Decker Kincaid linked to this report.

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