12-09-061: Not An Angel In Islington
Date 10th September, 2012
Submitted by Tucker Harris
Report Type Investigation
Requires further action? Yes
Urgent? Yes

The word rolled in that there was activity around the sewer entrance to the Gloom located in Islington; there were reports of mass paranoia and very strange behavior. As all available actual field agents were busy at the time, myself, Cedric Moseley, Amy Underhill, and Doctor Daniel Regal were assigned to go check things out. We decided to do so under the guise of National Grid investigators following up on the 'gas leak' reported in the area.

The neighborhood is strangely quiet; the majority of the residents have locked themselves in their flats, although there's been scattered reports of violence. The police no longer patrol the neighborhood. Madness has begun to creep in; one resident we spoke to through his door had coated everything in tin foil and spoke of a 'Lamia' that was eating them through the pipes.

Just in case he wasn't completely insane, I have begun sewing tin foil into the lining of various fashionable hats. Anyone investigating the neighborhood should come see me for one!

There is one person in the neighborhood that seems unaffected by the miasma of madness that's descended. Eleanor Hargrove, age 43. She seems to be very concerned about the whole situation. A chance reflection in a mirror suggests that she's Touched, which is why she isn't being affected - unless she's somehow involved, which we have yet to rule out.

Non-Touched investigating the area should be very alert to the possibility that their minds may be being fucked with. Doctor Regal seemed fine while we were there, but we didn't stay long.

Also there's a giant monster in the sewers, likely the cause of this, but fuck if we were going in there without some equally giant guns.

Investigation is ongoing.

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