12-09-045 Assessment: Decker Kincaid
Date September 8th, 2012
Submitted by Cedric Moseley, Ruth James
Report Type Assessment
Requires further action? Yes
Urgent? No

Kincaid is not especially forthcoming about his past but was pulled into the Gloom in 1970 and emerged in 2010, some forty years later. He is still adjusting to the changes in lifestyle and culture in that time, and we discussed that. He has been out of the Gloom for approximately two years and has had some time to adjust and come to terms with his experiences in the Gloom. He did not realize that there were others like him and has been hiding out and lying low ever since.

He currently has a stable place to live and a small but not steady income, doing a show of some sort in Piccadilly Circus and occasionally selling artwork. He does have a solid grasp of his powers and capabilities but says he has constant nightmares.

Powers: Kincaid's powers appear to be related to stone. He can turn himself to stone at will to defend against a hit, and did so when fallen on by the other Touched present (see linked incident report). He can also turn just his fists to stone and use them as weapons, and appears to be a physically strong individual who knows how to fight. He says that he cannot get sick and does not think that James' powers will affect him. We didn't test that theory.

Touched Form: Kincaid appears as a man of black stone in his reflection, head to foot.

Final Assessment: Given his experiences, Decker Kincaid is remarkably stable and sensible and was not difficult to defuse. He has been on his own for some time and is subtle enough to not be noticed for two years. He may be reluctant to assist the Watch, but if he can be persuaded may be a valuable field operative for his subtlety, good sense, and fighting ability. The call number was provided to him.

One note: We did not tell him how to identify other Touched, though it's likely that he knows. One of the agents performing the assessment was injured at the time of the assessment, and both agents possess reflections that often alarm other Touched, so we decided it was more important that we not scare him and avoid a fight if possible.

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