12-09-49 Suspect: Vasya
Date 9 September 2012
Submitted by Mattie Dahl
Report Type Other
Requires further action? Yes
Urgent? Yes

Teresa Murdoch called me regarding a chair she suspected to have been tainted by the Gloom (chair was picked up and brought to the Headquarters). In our conversation following, she mentioned the man that Sandraudiga had attacked (see report:12-08-477) had visited her at Murdoch's Pawn Shop, Teresa's family's business.

Teresa stated that she had told this man, who said his name was Vasya, that she had run into David Darkholme. Vasya reportedly that she shouldn't worry about us and that he would do the worrying for her.

He also told Teresa that he was not Touched nor Other. She had taken him for a Touched but Darkholme's report claims Sandraudiga believed him to be an Other. Given Darkholme's disappearance, I feel it necessary that all Watch operatives should be on the lookout for this man. As it is not clear if he is Touched or Other, use extreme caution and attempt to set up surveillance on this man to determine his abilities.

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