12-10-039 Hilary St. Thomas
Date 15 October 2012
Submitted by Mattie Dahl
Report Type Incident
Requires further action? Yes
Urgent? No

On Sunday Oct. 14, I came across Cedric Moseley having a conversation with an unknown man. When I approached, Moseley was visibly upset and speaking about his past, something I had never noticed him do before. There were black, brackish footprints that seemed to belong to the man, who introduced himself as Hilary St. Thomas and who seemed to be Touched. After a few moments, St. Thomas excused himself from the conversation, giving Moseley a card.

After he left, I went to retrieve some of the substance from the footprints, but Moseley touched the substance. He took the sample to deliver to headquarters, but upon arrival, begin to feel extremely ill. Suspecting the the substance and St. Thomas, I went to investigate St. Thomas at his theatre, The Visible (address input here) with the assistance of Jack Mitchell and the new recruit, Yuki Winterbourne.

While St. Thomas denied knowing anyone or what we were talking about when discussing the Touched or the Gloom, he did inform us that Moseley would only be ill for a couple of days and that it wouldn't kill him. He didn't accept our offer to assist him, but I gave him contact information if he chooses to seek assistance.

I recommend continued monitoring of St. Thomas to determine the full nature of his abilities and if he is a serious threat to innocent bystanders.

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