12-10-063 "Blackbeard" APB
Date 21 October 2012
Submitted by Mattie Dahl
Report Type Other
Requires further action? Yes
Urgent? Yes

The same Other was sighted at two seemingly unrelated occasions, the first at a Notting Hill festival and then in the missing train investigation. Description: very tall, perhaps 6'5" to 6'8" in height, greasy and long dark hair (about jaw-length), blue eyes that seem inhuman, yellowed teeth. Might just be his effect on me, but feels "wrong," easy to suspect as an Other. Has an accent that is not easily placed, most likely due to being supernatural and not human.

I have spent some time looking for any references to anyone similar and come across the following reports from the database and other sources. It is advised that the Watch keep an eye out for this Other but not confront on their own; I believe it will take a large and orchestrated force to bring him down.

Reports follow (OOC note: this is information from Jack player, and any questions can be directed toward him):

September 7th, Paris 2009. Mass murder in a low class apartment building. Neighbors claimed to have seen a tall, thin, greasy man in a parka with black hair and a beard enter the building about an hour after the victim's time of death. Not found and no information to follow up on.

July 28th, New York, 2005. A group of homeless people in a sewer, murdered. Gruesome affair. Medical examiners report states that there was, very likely, blood missing from the scene. Curiously, with investigation, it seemed as though there were more people in the collective than bodies, but the others vanished at the same time. Multiple reports indicated a greasy man with a black beard talking to homeless in the area before the murders.

(There are scattered reports that go back, across the globe. The general theme seems to be a sighting around the time of some large, gruesome murder or disappearance. Various reports have indicated Other activity and in many cases, the Other in question has been killed and deemed responsible for the events.)

There's a previous London sighting of a man with a black beard - most certainly an Other from the aura and description given for 1927 that is a physical record, footnoted for reference in another report from some historically inclined Watch folk. It references two previous reports, 1894 and 1879 in Manchester and Cardiff respectively although no physical copies of these reports are available -- Requested from Local Office but no more information. The 1927 report is unique in that it details a confrontation.

The sole survivor of the event is stated as being in a horrific mental state, later confined to psychiatric services for long term care. There is considerable babbling in the transcript of the interview. The gist of it appears to be that there was a large number of murder victims at a party in central London, a high class event. Watch were investigation for an entirely different reason and witnessed the event, which was carried out by monstrous dog-like things.

After the killing, the Watch moved in to try to neutralize the dogs and were partially successful. However, then a lanky, bearded man showed up. There is reference to 'blood catching fire' and the 'room turning black with smoke' followed by 'being taken across'. The gentleman appears to have escaped somehow, perhaps by virtue of whatever power he possessed but the experienced damaged him. He can barely discuss it, other than to say that 'he ate their souls'. Repeatedly. The interviewer is forced to restrain him at this point, as he tries to claw his own eyes out.

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