12-10-076 London Library - Unusual Sighting
Date 31 October 2012
Submitted by Cedric Moseley
Report Type Incident
Requires further action? Yes
Urgent? No

Approximate Time: 3 PM
Location: Stacks, London library

Was working on mobile code development in London Library. A boy of about five had a book he was ignoring and a Rubik's Cube with which he was playing. Abruptly approaches me and offers me the cube, saying that he was to give it to me.

Not mine and I said as much - he said it wasn't his, and that "he" - a tall bloke in a suit - had given him the toy while he went to look for the book, then was to give me the toy when the man found the book. Child is unknown to me but seemed normal enough. He left the cube next to my iPad.

The boy then runs off, and the iPad malfunctions, screeching and showing video and audio distortion. Camera app records several images before returning to normal functionality. When the iPad returned to normal, the Rubik's Cube next to it was solved - had not been prior.

Another individual was present - loaned me notebook and pen marked Bevis Marks Synagogue. This individual is unknown to me but one image shows him; the Watch should be able to find him if needed. Suspect he knows more than he is telling, but does not wish to know more.

(There are several images attached to the report.

One is a scan of a pencil sketch of a boy about five years old; those familiar with Cedric's art style from previous reports will recognize it as being his hand.

The other two are relatively low-res camera images such as those taken from a smartphone. One shows green tentacles against a black sky; the other Cedric, Zvi, and behind them, a faceless man in a black suit against an orange background. Both images have a lot of static associated with them.)

Recommended Actions: Have brought the cube to Watch HQ for evaluation and study - and did not touch it. Without more information, there is little else to do, but will be on the lookout for more information about this possibly-Other entity.

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