12-11-018 - Viking Prophecy
Date 7 November 2012
Submitted by Cedric Moseley
Report Type Incident
Requires further action? Yes
Urgent? Yes

Account --

5/11/2012, 9 PM Was walking through the financial district near Lamia Industries. Other Watch agents present, although they were not in my company at the time. (Agents Cohen, Richardson, and Winterbourne, plus Bevan's handyman, bloke name of Crispin Oliver. All Touched.) Flash of light from the courtyard next to Lamia Industries, wave of something ugly - felt Gloom-related. Went to investigate - Gloom portal had opened to let out another individual. Seemed to be one of the ancient Vikings, named himself Vegeir. Communication was difficult, but Mr Oliver found a common language and managed to get him to accompany the group out of the area. Signed out S514A for a place to take him to get his story.

I did not accompany the group to S514A - I wanted to research the area's history and had no hope of communicating with the man, so left that to Cohen and Oliver. During my research, an IT emergency occurred and I was unable to rejoin them, but spoke to Oliver and then Agent Cohen later. The Viking delivered a prophecy, given below verbatim from Agent Cohen's notes:

//"The volva in my village had prophecy - that great darkness would befall Londinium in a thousand years. A cave near my village is entrance to shadowlands. The volva enter it, seeking powers, but not all come back, or come back without aging. We make a bargain with the dark creatures, to take me in to shadow place, and let me out again in Londinium, near the time of the prophecy. They take half my village into the dark place in payment."//

//"A man. A merchant. A king without title or skill with sword. He makes a pact with the child of Jormungandr. He builds an army. The place you found me, that is his court. If he builds his army, Londinium will fall. This begins Ragnarok."//

//"Man of prayer. Son of Namara. A Celt. His words bend men to his will."//

6/11/2012, 7:45 PM Had taken a shift from Adam watching Vegeir, accompanied by Agent Cohen. When we arrived, a scratching rather like mice was audible in the walls, and V. was in the bedroom. It got louder, and another wave of something ugly like the first racked us all. When we opened the door, Vegeir had been taken by the Gloom, the portal was closing, but a message had been left in runic, along with a dagger of ancient make.

(The account is accompanied by a good dozen attached photos that look as if they were taken by a mobile device. They show the viking man - or rather, his shell, like a perfectly painted statue or like an insect carapace with all the living bits torn out. On his knees in front of the bed, hands partially outstretched with a runic message scratched into the door in front of him, punctuated by the dagger.)

Bevan had been linked to the Viking's mind at the time, and scratched a message where he was at the time, which provided a translation of the message: Goodbye. The shadows collect their price. This blade alone can slay the snake.

(Another smartphone photo shows what Wynn had carved, also attached to the incident.)

S514A is compromised, removed all supplies and at Bevan's request returned to B345A briefly before ending shift. Adam still has the supplies as of this writing.

Speculations --

"Man of prayer, son of Namara" refers to Declan MacNamara, CEO of Lamia Industries. There's something dodgy going on at that headquarters. He took over from his father about five years ago and renamed the corporation from MacNamara Industries to Lamia Industries about two-three years ago. What is the meaning of the name Lamia - what significance does it hold? This bloke likes snakes.

Child of Jormungandr - per Wikipedia and Mr Oliver, Jormungandr refers to the world-snake that will consume the world at Ragnarok. Child may well be the Islington creature or may be something else. If it is or is related, that would explain its strengthening and Lamia's interest in the area. See 12-09-065 for more details.

Lamia Industries - their website is a load of nonsense. No sane investor would touch so much vaguely worded hooey. They're up to something, possibly a front. Still a multimillion pound corporation. Need to be careful, cannot fight it directly. Do not want them aware that the Watch suspects anything, risk to the Watch if they do. Need guidance from senior staff to address risk.

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