12-11-051 Nasreen Khan
Date 11 November 2012
Submitted by Mattie Dahl
Report Type Assessment
Requires further action? Yes
Urgent? No

Nasreen "Naz" Khan is interested in becoming a member of the Watch. She requires a second agent's assessment but I think she would be an asset to the group with some training.

Her ability has to do with seeing ghosts or the dead, though she says she can only use it when she's either upset or they are "right on top of her." Perhaps with some training she can learn to control this more effectively.

A background check fits with what she has told me. She has had some legal trouble as a teenager for things like truancy, vandalism, petty theft and intoxication in public, but nothing for several years. She has since worked as a mechanic and holds several certifications and is currently working at the Devil's Hogs garage (While the shop is affiliated with the Devil's Court, she did not know about the Watch when Mitchell and I met her).

Her reasoning for wanting to join the Watch is that she wants to protect people, due to her own experiences and losing her brother to the Gloom.

It is my recommendation that with another agent's positive assessment of Khan she be brought in to the Watch for training. She may prove to be a useful asset in gaining information from the dead in certain cases.

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