13-02-015 Islington Hellhounds
Date 11 February 2013
Submitted by Cedric Moseley
Report Type Incident
Requires further action? Yes
Urgent? No

On a tip from Agent Clanahan, took Agent Kincaid into Islington to hunt for that pack of shadow-dogs that appeared to feed on Touched. Believed the creatures to be related to Incidents 12-09-061, 12-09-065, and 12-11-018; belief confirmed later in the incident.

Major issue: unexpected bystanders. Felt presence of dogs (nausea, typical of MacNamara's creatures) but Watch affiliate Lex Wei Sun, known Touched Hilary St. Thomas, and an unTouched bystander were in the area when the dogs attacked and were set on first. UnTouched girl completely ignored by the dogs.

Pack of dogs melded into and out of shadows; fed on Touched only, no interest in unTouched. Being bitten resulted in feeling of weakness and sickness known to be associated with MacNamara's creatures. Otherwise, entirely physical and behaved as normal pitbulls. Led by mother dog, much bigger. Puppies were easy to take down; mother was more difficult. Took down mother; believe Lex to have been handling the puppies by turning them on one another. UnTouched girl attacked one puppy after Lex. Lex, the unTouched girl, and writer all sustained injuries; sent Kincaid to hospital with the unTouched girl.

Mother dog held one of MacNamara's artifacts similar to Islington sewer creature, buried in the creature's flesh. Vegeir's runic knife broke the thing; broken artifact filed with the Vault and another rune disappeared on the knife. Must look for more tips and incidents like this - those artifacts seem to leash / control the creatures he sends. Have three more to locate.

Note on Kincaid: Kincaid froze in fear and did not assist in the fight. Believe him to continue to be in need of a shepherd and should not be counted on pending more experience. If Lex had not been there and had not been able to help, situation would have been deadly.

Further action: locate unTouched girl and ascertain status.

(Note on report from Medical: Agent Moseley sustained bites and crushing damage to right shoulder. Does not appear to be permanent but has been ordered to rest for a few days. Lex Wei Sun did not come to HQ; no information is available.)

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