Assessment: Yuki Winterbourne
Date 8 October 2012
Submitted by Cedric Moseley
Report Type Assessment
Requires further action? Yes
Urgent? No

(This report is actually under another login, as if entered by a clerk, with the notation that it is dictated from Moseley.)

Description: Fair half-Asian girl, very slight. Reflection is her, except as an unliving shell with black holes for eyes and mouth that seem to draw an observer in.

Found Winterbourne fishing from rubbish bins in Regent's Park. After a brief conversation, she alluded to several things that suggested an encounter with the Gloom, and examination found definite Gloomsign there. Agent Dahl was present at the time, but had found another one in the same park and had to return to work, so both were removed to 510A ("Baker") for further assessment.

The other one was less than a week out of the Gloom and had not slept since, so was fair shattered and went immediately to sleep. His assessment will be handled separately when he's feeling better.

Winterbourne reports that she was in the Gloom for much of her childhood, between the ages of five and seventeen, but has been out for approximately four years. She has spent much of the time since then moving from place to place as a vagrant, feeding herself however she can and reading from local libraries to teach herself to read.

Powers: Winterbourne's powers relate to cold. She is capable of freezing things and people, and teleporting small distances (across a room). She cannot teleport to a place she cannot see. She does need to be kept in a cold room; room temperature is uncomfortable and a touch from someone with normal body temperature burns her. For this reason, she has been relocated to 31A ("Tango") where she can more easily be kept cool and where her need for cold will not freeze the other Touched.

Stability: Good. She seems to be sweet in nature and utterly innocent, to a perhaps dangerous degree. Her control over her powers is good - she's had loads of practice. Her challenge is that she is unfamiliar with normal society. As far as she knows, the Gloom is normal, and the real world is perhaps the illusion.

Final Assessment: Winterbourne can read and write to some degree, but needs tutoring in maths and the sciences. She is unfamiliar with normal mirror reflections and many of the norms of society, including modesty, and may benefit from a female companion to teach her. She is not at this time capable of holding down a normal job but with teaching may be stable enough to handle a job that keeps her outdoors or in a chilled office.

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