Other Encounter
Date September 18th, 2012
Submitted by Dr. Daniel Regal
Report Type Incident
Requires further action? No
Urgent? No

While out walking about the streets one late London evening, Dr. Regal came across a crying girl in a hospital gown in an alleyway, with IV tubes stuck in her arm. After approaching her and offering aid, the girl revealed herself to be an Other. She attacked Dr. Regal with extendable fingers, aiming to choke him similar to an anaconda would suffocate its prey.

The timely arrival of Agent Ruth James prevented Dr. Regal's death. Both agents sustained injuries, and Dr. Regal was taken back to the nearest safehouse for immediate medical oversight. Agent James is scheduled for a checkup when Dr. Regal is fit to work again.

The corpse of the Other is currently in Dr. Regal's custody, and is awaiting an autopsy. See Dr. Regal for a full medical report on the corpse.

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